Tom Segura Shares His Weight Loss Journey

Tom Segura is an inspirational weight loss success story that will leave you feeling energized and motivated to make a positive change in your life. After struggling with his weight for years, Tom decided to take control of his health and lost an incredible 80 pounds. Through his commitment to a balanced diet and regular exercise, Tom was able to reach his goal weight and now looks and feels better than ever before. Follow Tom’s journey to success and learn how you can make healthier choices to feel your best.

What Was Tom’s Diet?

Tom Segura is one of the most popular comedians in the world and has become known for his hilarious standup comedy and his unique take on life. As with many comedians, Tom Segura has been open about his struggles with his weight. He’s talked about it on his podcast and in interviews, and it’s clear that he’s been actively trying to lose weight for a while now. But what is his diet like and what has he done to try and lose weight? The first thing that Tom Segura did to try and lose weight was to cut back on his unhealthy eating habits. He was a huge fan of fast food and processed foods, but he realized that these types of foods were contributing to his weight gain.

So, he decided to cut back on these types of foods and to focus more on whole, natural foods. This included eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Tom Segura also started to focus more on portion control. He realized that he was overeating and that he needed to make sure he was only eating what his body needed. He would set a goal for himself to only eat until he was no longer hungry and to avoid snacking and grazing throughout the day.

He also made sure to only eat when he was truly hungry, not just because he had cravings. This was an important part of his diet that helped him to lose weight and keep it off. Tom Segura also incorporated exercise into his diet plan. He realized that if he wanted to lose weight and keep it off, he would need to exercise regularly. He started out by walking and gradually increased the intensity of his workouts over time.

He also started to mix in different types of exercises such as weight lifting, running, and swimming. This helped him to keep his body active and to burn more calories. Tom Segura also changed his lifestyle to help with his weight loss. He became more mindful of his eating habits and tried to incorporate more healthy habits into his life. He started to drink more water throughout the day and cut back on his alcohol consumption.

He also started to meditate and practice yoga to help him stay in tune with his body and to reduce stress. Overall, Tom Segura’s diet and lifestyle changes have been successful in helping him to lose weight. He has managed to lose over 50 pounds since he started his weight loss journey and he looks and feels better than ever. He’s also learned to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to stay on track with his diet. His success is an inspiration for anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle change and to lose weight.

The Diet Plan He Followed

Tom Segura is known for his hilarious stand-up comedy and his impressive weight loss journey. After years of being overweight and dealing with health issues, Tom decided to make a drastic lifestyle change. He adopted a strict diet plan, filled with healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals that allowed him to drop the excess weight and get back in shape. Tom was able to fuel his body with nutrient-rich foods like lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits, and he also cut out processed and sugary snacks. He also incorporated regular exercise into his routine, including strength training and cardio, to help him reach his goals.

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Tom’s hard work and dedication paid off, and he was able to achieve his desired body weight and stay in shape. His transformation is truly inspirational and proof that it is possible to make a difference in your health and fitness with the right diet and exercise plan.

tom segura weight loss

What He Ate and When

Tom Segura is no stranger to weight loss. After all, he has been talking about it on his stand-up comedy specials for years. But this time, he decided to take it to the next level. In April 2020, he announced his decision to go on a strict diet and exercise plan in order to lose weight. He detailed his strategy in a series of posts on social media, where he discussed what he was eating and when, as well as his progress.

Through his dedication and discipline, he managed to lose over 30 pounds in a matter of months. While it’s still a work in progress, Tom Segura is living proof that with the right plan and commitment, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals.

His Exercise Regimen

Tom Segura is a successful stand-up comedian who has gained notoriety for his unique brand of comedy and his innovative approach to comedy. He has a massive following on social media, and is known for his frank, crass, and often self-deprecating humor. But what many people don’t know about Tom Segura is that he has also adopted a serious exercise regimen to stay in shape and to maintain his health. Tom Segura’s workout routine is designed to help him stay fit and healthy while continuing to perform comedy on stage. He typically starts his day with a quick stretch before waking up and doing some light cardio.

This usually consists of a few minutes on the treadmill and a few sets of jumping jacks to get his blood pumping. After his cardio, Tom Segura will then move on to some light weight training. He usually lifts free weights, focusing on his arms and chest. After his weight training, Tom Segura typically hits the treadmill again for more light cardio. This time, he’ll do some running or jogging for about 20 minutes to get his heart rate up and to prepare for the rest of his workout.

After his run, Tom Segura will then do some stretching exercises. He’ll focus on his core muscles, stretching out his abs and back to help keep them toned and strong. Following his stretching exercises, Tom Segura will move on to his HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. Tom Segura typically does HIIT workouts two to three times a week. These workouts consist of intense exercises that are done in short intervals of time.

Tom Segura typically chooses exercises such as jump squats, burpees, and mountain climbers to do during his HIIT workouts. In addition to his HIIT workouts, Tom Segura also likes to incorporate yoga into his routine. He typically does a few yoga poses every day to help him with flexibility, balance, and relaxation. He also likes to use yoga to clear his mind and to stay focused during his workouts. Lastly, Tom Segura likes to finish his workout with a few minutes of meditation.

This helps him to relax and to clear his mind after a long day of performing. He also believes that it helps him to stay focused on the task at hand and to be more productive. Overall, Tom Segura’s exercise regimen is designed to help him stay healthy, fit, and relaxed while still being able to perform comedy on stage. His routine consists of light cardio, weight training, stretching, HIIT workouts, yoga, and meditation. By incorporating these exercises into his daily routine, Tom Segura is able to stay in shape and maintain his health while continuing to pursue his passion.

The Workouts He Did

Tom Segura has become a household name in the comedy world, but did you know he’s also making waves in the weight loss world? Tom’s transformation from “dad bod” to slim and trim is inspiring and motivating. Through intense workouts and dedication to a healthy lifestyle, Tom has achieved impressive results. Using a combination of high intensity interval training, weight training, and cardio, he has been able to burn fat, build muscle, and tone up. In addition to working out, Tom has also changed his diet to focus on lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. With his improved diet and regular exercise routine, Tom has been able to see significant results in his weight loss journey.

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Tom’s dedication to his health and fitness is an inspiration to us all!

His Exercise Frequency

Tom Segura has become a well-known comedian, but his journey to success hasn’t been easy. One key factor in his success has been his incredible dedication to exercise and weight loss. Tom is a firm believer in regular exercise and has seen great results in his own fitness journey. He works out four times a week, focusing on HIIT and strength training. His dedication to fitness has not only been beneficial for his physical health, but also his mental health.

Tom has said that regular exercise gives him a sense of accomplishment and purpose, which has helped him stay focused and motivated. With his commitment to exercise, he has been able to maintain a healthy weight and stay in top physical condition. Tom Segura is living proof that hard work and dedication can pay off, and it all starts with a commitment to exercise.

The Benefits He Experienced

Tom Segura is a comedian and podcast host known for his hilarious comedy and candid attitude. Recently, he decided to take on a weight loss journey and the results have been remarkable. Not only has he shed pounds, but he’s seen a number of other health benefits as well. After completely overhauling his diet and exercise routine, Tom has experienced an increase in energy and stamina, a boost in his mood, and better overall health. His story is proof that a little hard work and dedication can lead to a healthier and happier life!

His Mindset and Motivation

Tom Segura is an American comedian, actor, and writer who is known for his stand-up comedy specials and his podcast, Your Mom’s House. He is also a personal trainer and has been vocal about his own journey to weight loss and physical wellness. As a person who is highly motivated and driven, Segura has achieved remarkable success in his career, and his mindset and motivation have been integral to his success. Segura’s career has been driven by his ambition and determination to succeed. He has always been committed to his goals, and he has consistently worked to find ways to stay motivated and driven.

Segura has stated that his motivation comes from a desire to make people laugh, and to make a difference in the lives of others. In addition to his stand-up career, Segura has also been successful in his personal fitness journey. Segura’s fitness journey began when he made the decision to get in shape. After making this decision, he began to research different approaches to fitness and nutrition, and he eventually developed a weight-loss plan that worked for him. Segura has been open about his experience and has even written about it in his book, “Your Mom’s House: The Life and Times of Tom Segura.

” In the book, he describes his journey to fitness and how he was able to make such drastic changes in his life. Segura’s motivation to lose weight and get in shape was driven by his desire to be healthier, to look better, and to feel better. He has always been open about the fact that he wanted to make a difference in his life and the lives of others. Segura has stated that his motivation to stay in shape is to be an example for his wife and children, and to provide a better quality of life for them.

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In addition to his stand-up career, Segura has also been successful in his personal fitness journey.

Segura has stated that he is a firm believer in the power of exercise and nutrition to improve one’s overall health. He has also said that he believes in the power of positive thinking and that it is important to focus on the positive things in life. Segura has also said that he makes it a point to focus on his goals and to stay motivated and driven. Segura’s commitment to his goals and his willingness to stay motivated and driven have been instrumental in his success. Segura has shown that with commitment, dedication, and the right mindset, anything is possible.

He has also made it clear that his journey to fitness and weight loss was not easy, but he was able to reach his goals and make a difference in his own life and the lives of others.

His Mental Approach

Tom Segura is one of the funniest stand-up comedians around, but he’s also an inspiration when it comes to weight loss. His mental approach to shedding the pounds has been a key factor in his success. Segura believes that the only way to lose weight is to have a positive outlook and to focus on the process, not just the end result. He also emphasizes the importance of consistency, saying that it’s the only way to make lasting changes. He believes in making small, sustainable changes over time and takes pride in his progress.

With his mental approach to weight loss, Segura has been able to achieve his goals and stay healthy. He’s an inspiring example of what’s possible when you set your mind to it.

His Inspirations

Tom Segura is a comedic powerhouse, but his true source of inspiration may surprise you – Tom Segura’s weight loss journey! Having been a lifelong yo-yo dieter, Tom has been determined to make a lasting change in his health and lifestyle. By following a strict diet and exercise regimen, Tom has managed to lose a significant amount of weight, inspiring countless others to do the same. He has made it his mission to spread the word about the importance of taking control of your health and focusing on long-term fitness goals. With his infectious sense of humor and real-world experience, Tom Segura is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to make a lasting change in their lives.


Tom Segura’s weight loss journey has been inspiring to many. With hard work, dedication and the right nutrition, he’s managed to achieve his goal of becoming a healthier and happier version of himself. Tom’s success story is a great reminder that with the right attitude and commitment, anything is possible. Tom’s story is a testament to the power of making the right lifestyle choices, and can be an inspiration to many others looking to make similar changes.


Does Tom Segura have any advice on weight loss?
Yes, Tom Segura has some advice on weight loss. He recommends focusing on a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

What type of diet does Tom Segura recommend for weight loss?
Tom Segura recommends a balanced diet that includes lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Does Tom Segura offer any tips on how to stick to a weight loss plan?
Yes, Tom Segura suggests setting realistic goals and tracking progress to stay motivated. He also recommends seeking support from family and friends.

What type of exercise does Tom Segura recommend for weight loss?
Tom Segura recommends a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training for weight loss. He suggests walking, jogging, and strength exercises like squats and lunges.

Does Tom Segura have any advice on how to stay motivated when trying to lose weight?
Tom Segura suggests setting achievable goals, tracking progress, and seeking support from family and friends. He also recommends rewarding yourself when you reach your goals.

Does Tom Segura have any tips on how to maintain a healthy weight after losing it?
Yes, Tom Segura suggests continuing to focus on healthy eating and exercise habits. He also recommends tracking progress and keeping a positive attitude.

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