Kentucky Council of Churches. Click the links below to look at extra resource papers

Kentucky Council of Churches. Click the links below to look at extra resource papers

Diabetes is just a general public wellness epidemic in Kentucky. A residential district work is necessary to deal with the Kentucky Diabetes Epidemic

Urge The Senator to Take Action

You can find countless arguments pros and cons the death penalty. Within an imperfect globe where we could never ever be certain we’ve ever got the “worst of the worst” is it ever justified to have a life?

View videos of keynote speakers, preacher and Friday’s team simulation task.

“We will pray for the governor and legislators and phone them to a greater moral agenda that sets the wellbeing of Kentucky’s people first.” said Rev. Dr. Donald K. Gillett, II Executive Director associated with the Council. Each occasion will add prayer, training on dilemmas, and a proactive approach. “We want to engage leaders that are religious their congregants in direct justice advocacy.” Prayer in Action Days are motivated by Moral Mondays in North Carolina, where religious leaders created significant improvement in policies that oppressed the indegent and folks of color.

The Kentucky Council of Churches decided on these problems predicated on policy statements authorized by all eleven associated with the Council’s denominational users. The account includes Protestant and Roman Catholic congregations. The Council works together with other state advocacy teams and coalitions on dilemmas, and several of these have devoted to support the Prayer in Action Days.

Go through the links below to look at extra resource papers

We have been visiting the final end of some other General Assembly. The next day could be the final time for the session that is regular however the work continues with work days and concurrence conferences.

Our advocacy work continues also. We now have yet another Prayer doing his thing Day. Next Tuesday, Rev. Donna Aros and individuals from Kentucky Refugee Ministries will lead our time together centering on immigrants and refugees. Simply this President Trump issued another order week. Come hear what can be done to advocate for immigrant legal rights. We shall meet in Annex area 111 at 9:30 am.

SB 120, now being known as a re-entry bill, has passed the Senate plus the homely house Judiciary Committee. Today you can help make this bill a reality by contacting your representative. Encourage him or her to vote “yes” on SB 120. Through the Legislature’s webste by clicking here if you know which Representative is yours, you may email them. They have been detailed by county at that link. In the event that you prefer to leave a voice message, please call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181 (or 1-866-840-6574 to leave a message in Spanish) if you are unsure, or. The operator will be capable of geting the message to your proper Representative centered on your target.

Below are a few chatting points to utilize whenever interacting to your senator:

• SB 120 will not alter unlawful sentences. It is currently a re-entry bill that is modest.

• The public wants more reform than SB 120, but it has to pass through to do more.

• Poor people who cannot spend expenses and costs must not head to prison if you are bad.

• The single biggest predictor of recidivism is opportunity upon launch. By providing task training and work release to inmates, SB 120 improves safety that is public.

• For offenders being monitored in the neighborhood, SB 120 strikes a balance between increased penalties for non-compliance and increased incentives for conformity

• a felon that is reformed be capable of geting expert licenses.

SB 7, that could enable concealed carry without having a permit, is still in committee. Ideally, it won’t further go any this session.

Juvenile justice bills SB20 and SB195 are making some progress, and so are presently in committees. SB 195, expungement for juvenile ex-offenders, would be heard because of the home Judiciary Committee tomorrow.

Bills concerning payday lending and “son of payday” loans appear to be stalled in committees aswell. KCC continues to advocate for the 36% rate of interest limit and tougher penalties for organizations that break the guidelines. We shall additionally continue steadily to oppose “son of payday loans that are. These loans are much more predatory compared to the normal ones because people can borrow more cash each and every time with similar high interest levels.

Tim’s Law, HB 79, which may enact court-ordered health that is mental are going to be heard by the home Judiciary Committee this week. We help this bill due to the risks posed by mentally-ill people who refuse therapy that could have them and their loved ones safe. Today contact your Representative about this bill.

The balance to offer classes that are bible general general public schools is dancing, as the death penalty bills are stagnant.

You are able to search and see all bills.

Regarding the federal scene, Kentucky Voices for wellness has sent an enhance in the brand brand brand new proposition for medical protection. Find out more right right here.

OPENING HEARTS OPENING HOMES: Governor Asks Congregations to have Included

By Peggy Hinds Interim Executive Director

Many weeks ago, we went to the Open Hearts Open Homes Summit hosted by Governor and Mrs. Bevin in addition to Cabinet for health insurance and Family Services (CHFS). Gov. and Mrs. Bevin have heart for kiddies and specific people who await use. The Open Hearts Open Homes campaign is supposed to encourage more families to take into account supplying care that is foster use. He could be faith that is inviting in order to become tangled up in foster care family support and community training.

Compared to that end, i’ve been in touch with CHFS to obtain more information to talk about. Personal provider professional Michelle Jones sent the annotated following:

Several times, there are conferences that have to be held either for foster moms and dads, a foster moms and dad training, or an instance planning meeting for a family group which our agency is working together with. We’re reaching out to churches to see they might have that might be available for these types of things if we could utilize any meeting rooms

Additionally, if your congregation is thinking about learning more info on how users becomes foster or adoptive moms and dads, we might have the ability to arrived at the church and conduct a gathering simply with that congregation that is specific.

There are various kinds of techniques that may happen each time kid is placed in away from home care. They may move to a foster home when they’re taken off their birth house. Throughout their time in away from house care, they may go from foster home to foster house. They might additionally go from foster home to an adoptive house. When they’re relocated, they often times need certainly to carry their possessions from positioning to positioning in trash bags. We never want any kid to feel like they truly are trash, but can you imagine the message this delivers. In order to make sure that no son or daughter ever has their possessions put into a trash case, we’re asking churches to own a Duffle Bag Fundraiser. We do ask that each and every case be unused and new.